My name is Abdulla Khamis Omar, also known as Dullah Wise. I was born on 12th December 1990 in Zanzibar, which is an archipelago part of the United Republic of Tanzania in East Africa. I am one of the upcoming artists on the main island of Unguja. I specialise in plein air art, whereby I paint live what I see in the moment, which often reflects the natural beauty, culture and traditions of my environment.


I have been drawing ever since I could remember. When I was 11 years old my father noticed my talent and sent me to learn from an art teacher based at the Old fort, Cultural art Gallery in Zanzibar. My dream then began to become a reality. I practiced daily by drawing everything that caught my eye and challenged me to improve my skills. Living in a UNESCO World Heritage site I would often draw traditional Zanzibar doors, Dhows, Stone Town buildings, local buses, fishermen and many more using brush, pen ink, charcoal, oil colour, acrylic colour, water colour, pastel and other medias. Now days I specialise in creating my art with acrylic and pallet knife.

My inspiration comes from my environment, whereby the cultural norm does not provide much support for artists. Through my own progress I have helped to change the cultural attitude towards art and hope to continue to do so. I have won several art competitions in Africa, held a range of exhibitions at prestige venues across several countries and worked with clients to complete commissioned work such as murals and the creation of specific themed work. I also volunteer at the mental health hospital in Zanzibar where I run art therapy classes for patients.

My aspiration includes someday being able to teach and guide the younger generation of artists from Zanzibar and create opportunities for them to make a living as artists


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